Latest Debit Options: Personalize Your Case Card with Custom Images, Security Options
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Latest Debit Options: Personalize Your Case Card with Custom Images, Security Options

Today, everyone with a cell phone has access to a high quality camera that can be used to easily capture life’s important moments. Many people are choosing to personalize their debit card with photos of fond memories, loved ones, as well as self-created art.

There are also new identity verification features that can be added your debit card, which gives added peace-of-mind to consumers and merchants alike.

Through the United States, there are almost countless banks, credit unions, and other institutions who can provide a personalized debit card: Lansing, MI is the home of CASE Credit Union, who offers two debit card customization options.

Add A Custom Photo To Your Card

Adding a custom photo to your debit card is as easy as uploading a photo to Facebook with CASE Credit Union. Pictures from the family weekend at the beach, your last trip to Paris, or just selfies with friends make great starting points for personalized debit cards.

Ordering a new card with a custom image from CASE’s involves a charge of $15.

After clicking the provided link, a pop-up appears that allows you to upload images and then manipulate them to produce the perfect customization.

Once your image is uploaded, options available with the CASE My Card Creation tool include zooming, cropping, rotating, and flipping.

Not interested in uploading your own image, but still wouldn’t mind an interesting debit card? CASE provides a catalog of stock images that customers may choose from and then customize them using the same tools available with uploaded images.

The credit union reports that you can expect to receive your customized debit card within seven to 10 business days after completing the design process.

If you’re a new CASE customer, you will need to open an account and receive a standard debit card before you can start the customization process.

Your Debit Card Can Double As An ID?

As a way to provide an added layer of security to your debit card, CASE offers Visa customers the opportunity to upload a personal photo, no more than 10 MB and at least 100 x 100 pixels, which is then incorporated into a personalized photo identity debit card.

A CASE ID debit card protects customers from unauthorized use in case it is ever lost or stolen; the card can also be used a secondary form of identification to back up government-issued IDs, such as passports and driver’s licenses.

Further, CASE credit union offers the Deluxe Provent identity theft protection service, which protects your CASE debit card and account, providing all-in-one detection, restoration, and prevention services to keep you protected against identity theft and manage the potential fallout from a scammer.

No Annual Or Transaction Fees

Though CASE does charge $15 to order customized cards, the credit union doesn’t charge annual or transaction fees to debit card customers. Combined with the fact that the institution’s Visa cards can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted worldwide and that charges are conveniently and seamlessly deducted from your CASE checking account, customized debit cards from CASE are a smart financial decision that have been chosen by many Americans.