3 Ways To “Gamify” Your Credit Scores

Change Your Credit Scores

What does gamify mean? ‘Gamification’ means to turn ordinary actions into virtual games that you play and you frame these activities based on game concepts. The reason people gamify certain things like work, business, school work and other activities is that they want to take away a lot of the “work” aspect of the activity and replace it with more fun gaming aspects.

In the minds of many people, this produces an increased level of productivity and better results because they don’t feel that they’re working. They feel that they are actually playing a game.

You can use the gamification concept for the usually burdensome project of improving your credit scores.

These are the top three ways to gamify your credit scores.

1. Level up your score by establishing milestones.

Most games have milestones which make you have to do certain sequence of actions for you to achieve that milestone or achievement. This is a very powerful gaming concept because it gives people a psychological reward for doing a certain sequence of actions.

When you do this for your credit score, you establish credit score boosting actions and then you package them within particular milestones. So when you reach these milestones, it doesn’t feel like hard work, but you’ve actually gone a long way in improving your credit score.

2. Give yourself a treat for each milestone reached.

This is where Tempat Wisata di Tangerang psychological gifts come in. For many games like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty, the psychological reward happens randomly which is why many people become addicted to it.

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When you manage your credit score on the other hand, you have a fixed set of achievements and once you achieve this you give yourself a little reward whether you go to a nicer place, a better restaurant, or you give yourself a new book. . or a new iPad.

Either way, you should reward yourself for every achievement you make in terms of increasing your credit score.

3. Change the way you view your credit score.

If you think that changing your credit score and improving it is a hassle, then join the club.

Many people think that it’s a chore and it’s an unpleasant thing; however, the great thing about gamification is that it helps turn the challenge of improving credit score into a fun game, because at the end of the day, you are not defined by your credit score.

Also by gamifying your credit score improvement activities, it brings home the point that credit scores can be changed, and it can be fun at the same time.