Low Interest Credit Cards

Low Interest Credit Cards

Would you like to have a little extra cash at the end of the month? Who wouldn’t? But if you are like most people you have a lot of bills to pay, and with the interest on your credit cards, you are also paying the credit card companies more than their fair share.

Instead of paying all that interest to the credit card company, why shouldn’t you be able to keep that cash in your pocket?  After all, it’s your hard earned cash, right?

The way to keep it is to avoid having to pay that interest in the first place. This can be accomplished with low interest credit cards.

There’s no doubt you have had a lot of those low interest credit card offers show up in your mailbox. Many of them promise you 0% interest. You may like the idea of not having to pay any interest, but unless you read the fine print you could be unpleasantly surprised at what happens to your bills down the road.

Many of those 0% interest card offers are only around for a very short time period. Then a higher interest rate will kick in for the duration of the time you have the card. When getting a 0% interest credit card make sure you select one with a 12 month interest rate that goes into a reasonable fixed rate. These are the best low interest credit cards to utilize when paying off your credit card debt.

Instead, you may want to look for credit cards that are low interest for the long term. Look at the interest rate that will be in place for the life of the card, after any introductory rates end. The lower the interest rate the better off you will be for your long time financial situation.

An important thing to know about low interest credit cards is that the worse your credit is, the harder it will be to get them. For the most part credit card interest rate offers and your credit score are going to correlate. The better your credit rating, the lower interest offers you will get from credit card companies. They see your higher credit score as a lower risk. Meanwhile, if you have bad credit, the credit card companies see you as a risk, and will not offer you the same lower interest rates, for the long term.

If you have good credit, you should look for the best of both worlds. Look for a low interest credit card that not only has that 0% interest rate to start with, but also has a lower rate in the long run, so you can enjoy keeping more of your money in your pocket, and out of the credit card company’s interest collection coffers.