Your Payday Loan Help Has Arrived
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Your Payday Loan Help Has Arrived

Christmas is past and you were able to get the kids something but the price could end up being much higher than you were planning on.The good news is your payday loan help has arrived, and none too soon.

If you made it through the holiday season without taking out one or more payday loans good for you.

Unfortunately too many people did not make it with many taking out multiple loans they can not cover, and now that the holiday season is over these companies can get vicious in their collection efforts.

Before everyone starts to panic and thinking they have to sell everything they own to cover their payments, lets take a look at one of our clients who are kind enough to share their experience from last years holiday season.

Stacy P

Hi, my name is Stacy and when they asked me to share my story I was at first a little reluctant to do it as it was quite an emotional and embarrassing situation that I found myself in.

I was having a paycheck to paycheck year and the holidays crept right up on me. I had zero money for any presents and a house full of relatives coming for Christmas.

I took out a payday loan in my town and that helped cover the presents and the food needed for Christmas, but making the payments back to the loan company was almost impossible.

Then I stumbled upon an online loan website that promised me next day cash deposited into my checking account!

This was awesome!

Now I could cover both payments and maybe get these loans taken care of!

Well, by now you can guess what started happening. Sure, I covered the presents and I pulled off feeding the company and the Christmas dinner was grand but by the time the 25th rolled around I was 5 payday loans deep in holiday blues!

Instead of enjoying myself all I did during Christmas mass was pray for a way to make all these payments, which in reality really would take a miracle.

I had fallen into the payday loan trap and I was way over my head in debt.

I need help!

I was beside myself and had no idea what I was going to do.

January came along and I missed every payment and my checking account went nuts. Overdrafts everywhere and it took my whole paychecks to cover that mess, but I was not touching the payday loans at all.

By now these loan companies are calling my friends, my work, my parents and my references, threatening to sue me and take everything I owned, and all around making my life miserable.

They were relentless and would not take any excuse, always countering with threats.

One collector even asked me not to buy food before I made him a payment!

I was ready to change my phone number and lock my doors and hide. Happy New Year indeed, I wish Christmas had never come.

I became depressed and all the while the interest kept piling up and the threats just kept coming.

I pawned all the Christmas presents I gave the kids, my laptop computer, and anything else I could find to cover some of these payments, but I was fighting a loosing battle. I simply did not make enough money to get out of this mess.


I was on a public computer at the library looking for answers and off the top of my head I typed into Google search “Help with payday loan debt” and the very site you are now on popped up.

I read what they could do and I was immediately excited and filled out the form for a free no obligation quote and within 2 hours they got back to me with a solution!

I had sweat this thing out now for more than two months and these guys are saying they can make it all better and fix it and they responded to me in less than 2 hours?


I read their quote and understood they would stop and possibly even reduce all the interest these companies were hitting me with daily, they could stop any legal action, stop the phone calls and set me up on a low affordable bi weekly or monthly payment that would cover all of the loans combined!

Their quote was extremely reasonable and they were claiming immediate results once I signed up!

At this point one of the loan companies had sent me a legal summons to court and I had really nothing more to lose so I signed up.

This company restored my faith in people, their results were immediate and the pressure was gone!

Not only did they get me out of this bind, they told me to explore the website for information on dealing with these companies in the future and what to watch out for.


This was last year and I am now looking at my final 2 payments and all my payday loan debt will be gone!

Now that is the best Christmas present I have ever given myself and my family!

Thanks so much Help Payday Loan Debt, you really do care and you really are for real!