Payday Loan Collection Problems?
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Payday Loan Collection Problems?

Are you experiencing payday loan collection problems with payday loan collectors? This time of year has always been the time these companies aggressively start collecting old payday loan debt to get their books in order for the year.

This is a great time for them to use these payday loan collection practices because people are seeing an influx of cash from income tax refunds and we are basically through with all the major holidays for a bit.

They know from past experience that this is a good time of the year for them to collect on some of this old debt and they take advantage of it.

Lets take a look at what you should and should not do when dealing with old payday loan debt, but first remember these collectors are nothing but loan sharks, so go ahead and click the link and lets see who we are dealing with before we go ahead and come up with a plan for eliminating the debt.

The do’s

If you are dealing with old payday loan debt or out of control payday loans there are things you can do to get this debt taken care of relatively painlessly.

These collectors want you to keep paying on your debt so they can keep adding interest to it and you must be careful not to end up trapped by paying small amounts trying to pay these loans back.

This is actually an easy fix if you are informed.

There are companies out there and that can take over your payday loans and stop all collections and legal activity.

They can negotiate most of the interest away and set up low bi weekly or monthly payments to eliminate the remaining balance.

If you are in trouble with these companies this is the best way to deal with it, by contacting and using a payday loan consolidation company like us.

The dont’s

The biggest thing to stress here is do not keep paying on your payday loan with small amounts of money.

I know we touched on this earlier but it is the biggest no no you can do.

This keeps the interest growing and the money going out of your pocket and into theirs.

Here are some horror stories of what can happen if you do keep paying them or ignoring their calls.


The stories are endless but the end to having payday loan debt is simple, just hire a good payday loan consolidation company and get this kind of stress out of your life today!

Most people just do not have the knowledge that they need and they really do have all the power when dealing with these collectors, they just need to seek it out and use it.

Remember, the only good payday loan is one that is not even taken out!

I hope this article helps you in dealing with these companies, and eliminating your payday loan debt!