I Need Help Paying Off Payday Loans
Payday Loan

I Need Help Paying Off Payday Loans

This is one of the more common phrases in our inbox lately, “I need help paying off payday loans” and we respond the same with each and every e mail.

Our response is always a YES, you are pre-approved for help with your payday loan debt and we also display a positive attitude in dealing with people in this situation because we know they have had enough negative energy thrown at them to last a lifetime already.

We specialize in helping people with this kind of problem and we also educate them in how to avoid these payday loan traps in the future.

Each story is in itself different but the all have the same ending, massive payday loan debt, and as long as this continues to happen we will be here to help people get back on their feet and out from under these debts.

SO if you are on of these people please read on and see how we can help you too!

How it works

When you contact us and ask for help paying off your payday loans, One of our professional debt negotiators will go ahead and take your loans over and start negotiating with your payday loan companies to do the following:

Stop interest for accumulating

Stop all harassing phone calls to you, your boss, your relatives and your references and anyone else on their list they may be calling about your debt

Stop all legal actions taken against you

As soon as we get the above taken care of, we will then negotiate a payback amount by combining all of your payday loans into one amount and negotiating a low affordable bi weekly or monthly payment. with your creditors.

Many times this total amount will be much smaller than the original debt as we can in many cases have the amount of interest you owe reduced considerably.

We then start making your monthly payments and usually within 18 months all payday loan debt is paid in full and you the borrower are all smiles again.

The next thing we try to make sure of is that you are completely aware of how you got into this situation and how to avoid getting into another payday loan trap in the future.

Educating the public

If you take some time and take a good look at our website you will see story after story of how people have come to us ready for bankruptcy and worse and have left with piece of mind financially and in knowledge of how to avoid this kind of debt in the future.

Payday loans can get out of hand in a matter of weeks and before you know it you are buried so deep you8 soimply can not see the solution.

Desparation sets in, escpecially with the pressure from your lender to pay back the loan, and pretty soon you are either taking out more loans to cover the first one or hitting the pawn shop with everything of value you own.

It can spiral into a real mess rather quickly, and some have even led to suicide.

We suggest if your situation resembles any of the above situations to take a very deep breath and let us help you.


We are here to help anyone who has out of control payday loan debt.

We will take over your debts, call off the collection actions and renegotiate a payback amount. We will educate you on how not to end up caught in the payday loan trap again.

We will do this all of a one time affordable fee and we guarantee our work 100 percent!

You will in return be restored your sanity and peace of mind financially associated with this type of debt, and your payday loan debt will be eliminated usually within an 18 month time frame, many times sooner.