Why We Homeschool Part 2

This week we are releasing part two of our episode “Why We Home School”.
Brianne Buskey leads this discussion that covers some hard questions like, when it might not be a good idea to home school, do you ever question your decision to home school, and do you think home schooled kids can be a light in the word. There are some passionate responses to these questions. We have a lot to say! (And if you are listening to this episode with your littles, be ready for a little bit of more grownup discussion in this one.)
There’s some fun stuff too, like when we share ways home schooling has been wonderful for us, not just for our kids, but for us. And there’s a quick question round at the end of the episode. We hope this episode will make you think and make you laugh. We hope you feel encouraged too, as you consider the ways that home schooling has been a blessing in your life. Not your kids lives, but yours.
Will you share one of those with us?


Show Notes:
Kristin Rogers:

( Note: Im not saying I agree with this full article, but I thought it shared some thoughts that should be considered when thinking through this argument)

Salt and Light  Article : HERE

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