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In this episode of At Home, our own Kristin Rogers and Brianne Buskey share with us about their recent trip to Africa to visit Abide Family Center. Abide is located in Jinja, Uganda, and Kristin and Brianne share with us a little bit of what life is like there. From heart beat raising rides on the taxi motor cycles called boda boda, to the the natural beauty they found there, Kristin and Brianne have such fun stories to tell.  Kristin loved the amazing animals and they both loved the beautiful red dirt that makes up the roads. They fell in love with the beauty of the Uganda countryside.
But that was really a small portion of what really stirred their hearts on this trip.
Kristin and Brianne were deeply moved and impressed by the ministry of Abide. That is to “empower vulnerable families to keep their kids at home and out of orphanages.”  Its a different kind of orphan care.
Kristin and Brianne explain what it looks like at Abide.
They share with us about the women they met who had gone through school and business training at Abide and were now running successful businesses and financially providing for their families. They talk about the staff at Abide, Ugandan women who quickly became friends, much more than just staff members who were giving them a tour of the Abide Center.
As you listen, you’ll be moved by the stories Kristin and Brianne share. You’ll be moved to think outside your own home and family, and to think about families struggling to stay together in their homes in a world so far from your own. This is such an important thing for us to do. To pour into our own families, and then, as we can, to pour into other families as well.
We hope you enjoy this episode of At Home. At first it may seem a little different than our usual episode content, but caring for families is what we’re all about here, so I suppose its not that different after all.
And we hope you’ll be inspired to look at Abide Family Center and the work they are doing in the lives of families. They are doing a good work indeed.

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Abide Family Center 

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