The Music Episode

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on music.
Jen came prepared with pages of notes.
As well as plenty of passion, lots of opinions, and a great deal of wisdom on the subject.
Besides discussing things like the benefits of learning an instrument, and at what age kids should begin playing one, we also shared our own musical memories, and debated the benefits of listening to classical music.
Plus we shared some great resources, and Jen read from one of her favorite children’s musical biographies.
This is an episode chock full of so much good stuff!
We know you’ll come away from this episode feeling inspired to add music to your days, because like Greta says, “music makes a happy home.”
Now tell us, what is your favorite music to listen to with your kiddos?

Show Notes:
Jen Dees:
Article — 6 Reasons to Get a Hobby
Books –Opal Wheeler biographies

Greta Eskridge:
Videos–Leonard Bernstein Young People’s Concerts
Quote–by Goethe

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