The Holiday Episode

In this episode of At Home, Kristin Rogers is leading the discussion on all things holiday! Its that time of year and we are excited to share with you lots of our holiday traditions, and some of our thoughts on the things that ocasionally get “sticky” during the holiday season.

We start out discussing school during the holiday season and how much, or how little, we get done. Then we move into holiday traditions, how we handle gift giving and the potential stress that can come from trying to see everyone on the big holidays. We talk about Santa and Halloween. And all the ways we can direct our thoughts toward God during the holidays.

One thing to note in this episode, the sound on Jen Dees’ mic is low for some reason. So please forgive us for this and turn up the volume for Jen! We hope this isn’t too much hassle for you.

And now that we’ve share some of our favorite holiday traditions, tell us about yours! What are your traditions? What books do you read and what foods do you make? Please share! We love hearing from you all. And cheers to the holiday season!!

Show Notes:

Recipe: Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls 
Book: One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham
Article: Should Your Family Invite Santa to Christmas
Resource: Slow and Sacred Advent by Jen Naraki

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