The Cultivated Mother

In this episode of At Home, Jennifer Naraki leads a thoughtful discussion on “me time”. We all admit to a desire for time to ourselves, to pursue the things we love, like reading, drinking coffee, and exercise. (Well, exercise for a couple of us, anyway. The others much prefer having a glass of wine)
But we also share our struggles with keeping our me time from becoming self centered and taking us away from our families.
According to statistics from a survey Naraki conducted, many of you are facing the same struggle–striving to find some sort of balance with taking care of ourselves while taking care of our family.
We didn’t come up with any definitive answers of how to find that balance, proving what a tough subject this really is.
But you’ll want to listen in, and hear our thoughts as we wade through it together.
And stay tuned to the very end when Naraki drops a little bit of Ice Cube and some scripture in a way only she can.
The At Home hosts are always keeping it interesting!


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Show Notes

Jennifer Naraki:
A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on The Gentle Art of Learning™

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