Teaching Children the Bible

Hi friends!
Remember us?
The 4 girls who had a podcast called At Home?
Well, we know its been a while, but we’re excited to tell you, we’re back!
We thought we’d dive in with something important, so on this episode of At Home, Jen Dees is leading the discussion on “Teaching the Bible to Our Children.”

We cover all kinds of territory in this episode, so that you are sure to find some nuggets so encourage you, whether you are a mom of young kids who wants to get started with Bible time and devotions, or a more seasoned mom with older kids who wants to give her kids the opportunity to embrace their faith for themselves.

We offer a good stack of resources at the end of the episode. We’re sure your Amazon cart will be full.

Again, we’re so glad to be back with you for this new year! Thank you for welcoming us back with open arms!

Show Notes:
The Children’s Story BibleĀ 
Big Truths For Little Kids
Old Story New
Training Hearts Teaching Minds
Trial and Triumph
The Jesus Story Book Bible
The Ology
Star of Light and others by Patricia St. John
A Call to Spiritual Reformation ( Book on prayer by DA Carson)
Long Story Short ( 10 minute kid bible studies)
Hymns for Kids

New City Catechism app
The Bible Project

The Scandal of Bible Illiteracy by Al Mohler
The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches by Ed Stetzer (Christianity Today)

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