Serving in Motherhood

In this episode of At Home Jen Dees leads the discussion on “Serving in Motherhood”.  Jen begins by asking us if busy moms can really serve others. It’s a good question, and one we ourselves wrestle with, just as you probably do.

We talked about being on the receiving end of service, the many different ways we can serve others, and why its valuable for our children to see us serving others, even in the midst of our lives as busy moms.

If you are contemplating adding acts of service to your home school life this year, this episode will offer you not only food for thought, but also practical ideas for ways you and your children can serve others together.

Ultimately, we hope that you’ll remember that even if your act of service is small, it is better to do something for others than nothing at all. We’re inspired by the words taken from Mark 14, and written on the tombstone of the hymn composer Fanny Crosby, “she did what she could.” May we all do what we can to help others.

Show Notes
Articles: Fanny Crosby, Four Women Who Worked Hard
Resource for writing letters to prisoners : Prisoner Alert Through Voice of the Martyrs
Resources for writing letters to soldiers : Operation Gratitude, Veterans United, Operation Shoebox
Resource for providing Christmas gifts to children in need: Operation Christmas Child

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