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In this episode of At Home,  Jennifer Naraki shares some eye opening statistics about screen time and helps us engage in an honest discussion about the positives and negatives of screen time. We talk about the struggles we have balancing screen time in our own homes, how we use technology for home schooling, and even share some light hearted ways screen time plays a role in building family memories. We hope this episode will give you some food for thought, as well as practical take aways for making the most out of technology.

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Show Notes 

Jennifer Naraki: 
The new American Academy of Pediatrics Screen Time Guidelines can be found here
Research from the Kaiser Foundation can be found here

Jennifer’s Favorite Websites:
To buy cute vintage books:

Places to find…
Waldorf school inspiration
Charlotte Mason school inspiration

For Kids:
To watch Animal episodes that are both educational and fun:
To watch History episodes that are both educational and fun:
To watch Church History episodes that are both educational and fun:

Greta Eskridge:
Keyboarding Without Tears

Greta’s Favorite Websites:
To find books, new and vintage:
To find Charlotte Mason education inspiration:
To find books to listen to aloud:

For kids:
Blue Planet and Planet Earth for learning all about nature
To look for low tides and find the best days for tide pooling:
To identify bugs:

Kristin Rogers:
Rosetta Stone
Raz Kids

Kristin’s Favorite websites:
You Tube

For kids:
For playings game with grandpa and cousin over Skype:

For faith based shows:

Jen Dees:
Jen’s favorite websites:
Prager University for political and social issues
Librivox for free audiobook:
Mafrance for foreign language videos by the BBC

Brianne Buskey:
Bre’s Favorite websites:
Ambleside Online for great free read booklists broken down by grades
Smitten Kitchen when I need something yummy to cook

For used books:
Abe Books

For kids:
Libribox for online audio books:
Khan Academy for online math program:

Rachel Reeves:
CNN documentary- #Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens
Rachel’s favorite websites:

For kids:
Art for Kids Hub
Rush Revere Homeschool

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  1. Thanks for sharing all those statistics and loved everyone’s perspective on this and hearing how it’s managed within your families…a friend recently told me how ALL the high school boys on a particular school’s sports team have phones and constantly access inappropriate content in the school buses, on way to games…it breaks my heart that such content is at their fingertips and the damage that is being in their minds and hearts. It is far more prevelant than I naively realized.

    My Teen daughter has an IG for her photography and use it as a “commonplace book” with quotes and one for her crafting business. She has to ask me everytime she posts and it’s pretty limited. Since she doesn’t have her own phone or device I’m able to manage her time, but it’s definitely a fine line and she knows it’s a privilege that comes with a lot of responsibility and other guidelines like our “one too many selfies” rule = time to unfollow! Haha!

    1. Sounds like you have a good handle on things…. Social Media in a whole new obstacle parents have to navigate through and it an be tricky. Im sure line will be different from parent to parent but guidelines are needed for sure! You are right, the responsibility is huge.

  2. I’ve been following athome06 and some of you on Instagram. It’s my little treat to check in with you guys each day and see what’s happening in your busy homes.

    I have a little girl who has just turned 4 and we are struggling so much with screen time. She has a very strong personality and is also quite active. I find the more “noise” that is in our home, the more conflicts that arise for no apparent reason or understanding. It’s so easy to fall back on television when I’m rushing home to get supper cooked or getting ready in the mornings. We are in the midst of contemplating cutting our cable. I’m hoping that the urge to turn on the television will be a little less for us and perhaps this will provide us a base for instilling some stricter rules w.r.t Netflix and iPads. I do find it only takes a few days and she’s fine with these rules and limitations. But then there comes a day or two when the iPad or t.v. is used to keep her “quiet” while we’re trying to get housework or jobs completed and all the hard work is gone down the drain.

    I was just getting ready to iron some clothes and saw a post on Instagram about the podcast. It was a delight to listen while I worked and realize that although you seem to have so many things figured out with homeschooling and raising your kids that you too struggle with some of these same issues.

    Keep the podcasts coming! I’m already looking forward to the next one! Thanks for all the fabulous links!

    1. Yes, we totally understand that cycle when it comes to screen time. The struggle is real and the detox off it is real. Its so worth it though. Thanks for tuning in and leavings your encouraging words!

  3. You guys are great! I found this site by way of stocking Kristin on instagram and once i realized I pretty much wanted to be her best friend -Ii listened to your podcasts 🙂

    I don’t homeschool, I have a 5, 3, 6week old boys — my oldest did preschool this year and I am realizing I would love more control over their education.My family loves outdoors naturally — and you guys embody what I would imagine for my child’s lifestyle and education — I just have NO idea how to even start. I would love to hear a podcast about how you choose your curriculum etc – and any tips for someone who has zero education background whatsoever.

    1. You are so funny! Thanks for the kind words!

      Yes, we totally plan to go over ” where to begin” or something along those lines for those that have no idea where to start! Thank you for encouraging that idea!

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