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It’s time for another back to school episode on At Home! Today we’re talking all about School Day Schedules. We are often asked what our school days look like, how we create our schedules, and how we get all the things done. But, full disclosure, we weren’t entirely sure how interesting a whole episode on scheduling would be.
Turns out, it was a winner!

If only for the life changing piece of information that Brianne shared with us about editing our Ambleside online schedules. Maybe every other Ambleside online following mom knew this already, but it was revolutionary for Greta and Jenn.

We also spend time talking about the nitty grity details of our schedules, what kind of planners we use or don’t use, what we prioritize when we create our schedules, and even how we fit in errands and home keeping. A big take away was that none of us ever accomplish everything on our schedule, and we’ve all learned to be ok with that.

Hopefully this episode has some helpful tips for you all too. At the very least, we hope you’ll feel at peace about having a flexible schedule on the day to day, and from year to year. There should be freedom to move in your schedule. It’s a guide, not a straight jacket Remember, you’re the boss of the schedule!


Happy home school planning, from all of us At Home mamas!


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Jen Dee’s Sample Schedule

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