Sacrifices of Homeschooling

In this episode of At Home, we are talking about “Sacrifices to Homeschooling”. We know sacrifice is a loaded term, and not everyone views homeschooling as a sacrifice. There are some, in fact, that consider it a privilege. Kristin Rogers leads us so well in this sometimes tricky conversation, and we had a really great time diving into this topic.
We talked about the sacrifices each of us make to homeschool, whether or not we ever feel bitter, and how we feel about the way society at times downplays the importance of our role as stay at home moms and home schooling moms. There are some good nuggets here to be sure.
If you notice our sound quality isn’t the same as usual with this episode, we have to apologize for that. It’s actually a funny story. About half way through the episode we realized that our sound wasn’t fully connected. Brianne’s reaction into the mishap is classic! We decided that we didn’t want to trash the episode, so we just fixed it and went on. The sound is better in the second half, and we hope you’ll give us some grace in the first half.
Please know we truly appreciate all our listeners, home schooling and not. And we hope you mamas on both sides of this issue will get some good food for thought from this episode. As always, thanks for listening!


Show Notes
Kristin Rogers
Tom Woods podcast: Episode 806 “Homeschooling Shouldn’t Intimate You” with Laura Blodgett

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