Parenting with Hope – An Interview about Special Needs

On today’s episode of At Home we’re talking with our good friend Christine Chicoine about parenting with hope. In our first ever interview, Christine talks candidly about her life as a mom to 5, one being a child with special needs. She shares the struggles, the joy, the blessings, and how God has shaped her through this process.
Christine also talks about homeschooling while walking through long hospital stays, and seasons of more days spent at home than days spent out with friends or on fun field trips. She shares what’s it’s like to have her child stared at for being different, and the. offers gentle advice for how both children and adults can act in those situations.
This episode is full of so much grace, strength, wisdom, and courage you are bound to be truly blessed by it. Whether you are walking your own journey of parenting a special needs child, or would like to learn more about that world, this episode will touch your heart in a special way.
Thank you Christine for sharing your beautiful heart with us and our listeners.

Show Notes

Christine Chicoine: 

BookWalking with God through Pain and Suffering

Bible Verse – 2nd Chronicles 20:12

Online SchoolLogos Online School

Kristin Rogers: 

Books –


Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide for Caregicing

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