Homeschooling Multiple Ages

In this episode of At Home, Rachel Reeves leads the discussion on Home Schooling Multiple Ages.
As we get closer to the start of a new school year, we’re doing our best to cover some of the school topics you all have been asking about. Rachel does a great job wading through this one, which very often feels overwhelming to many homeschooling mamas.
Each of us share some of our own difficulties in this area, as well as some of the strategies that have brought us success.
We discuss helpful curriculums, scheduling tips, and which subjects we teach our kids separately and which subjects we teach them together.  There are a lot of practical tips in this episode!
In the end, what we hope you’ll see is that while teaching multiple ages simultaneously isn’t the easiest, it can be really wonderful.


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School Year Prep

In this episode of At Home, Brianne Buskey leads the discussion on School Year Prep. Some of us struggled just a bit with this topic, because we’re still in the midst of summer. But our Brianne is a planner at heart. So it doesn’t take her long to dive right in and give us an episode chock full of practical tips and advice for planning the new school year.
We cover everything from choosing curriculum, our planning methods, budgeting for home schooling, how we arrange our school books and supplies, and even have a discussion about being part of a charter. By the end of the episode (almost) everyone was so excited about getting ready for the new school year, that the words “pumpkin spice latte” were uttered. Some of us though, still just want to go to the beach.
Whether you find yourself dreaming of fall drinks or sunny beaches, this episode is sure to inspire you to make some plans for the new school year. Thanks Bre for such a helpful episode!  And don’t forget to check the blog for pictures of school spaces from the At Home ladies.


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In this episode of At Home, Kristin Rogers leads the discussion on socialization.
Wow! It turns out this is a big topic and we all have so much to say.
Kristin does a great job helping us get to an understanding of what socialization really means. We determine that it’s much more than kids being cool, and dressing in the latest fashion. But we also recognize that it is easy to become distracted by those things.
We decide that we want to look at socialization from a broader scope, to approach it with a view of the kind of adults we want our kids to become, rather than focus solely on how well they are fitting in with their peers right now.
We hash out ideas for how to get through some of the socialization challenges homeschoolers can face, such as home schooling an only child, being an introverted parent with an extroverted child, home schooling in a rural area, getting out in winter (something us California girls really know nothing about) and more.
We hope this episode will give you lots to think about, and will be an encouragement to you as well.
Don’t forget to listen to the Quick Question Round at the end of the episode It’s sure to leave you with a good laugh.  We love sharing the heavy and the fun with you all!


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What Counts as School

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on what counts as school. The conversation starts out fun, when Greta asks if we can do school in our jammies, does baking cookies count as math, and if Legos really are learning tools, or just toys.
However, we realize this is a topic many homeschoolers wrestle with, so we dive in and do our best to blend thoughtful ideas with our laughter.
Throughout the episode, we all agree that one of the most wonderful parts of homeschooling is the freedom to teach school in a way that works best for us as teachers and for our kids as learners. That means all of us do school a little differently.
Some of us have more relaxed home school routines. Most of us scaled back when we had new babies. Each of us loves the idea of incorporating play as real learning time. And while we all see the value in spending one day of the school week pursuing nature study with our home school group, some of us don’t like to have too many other outings scheduled in one week.
What we end up with is an understanding that real learning takes place in many different ways, and in many different places. The key is to get our kids to fall in love with all those kinds of learning, so they’ll be learners for the rest of their lives.

(For this episode we have created another hashtag #athomereallearning. We want to see all the real learning your kids are doing at home—in their jammies, cooking in the kitchen, on the nature trail, with their math books, building forts, writing stories, at the grocery store, and wherever else your learning takes you. Share with us!)

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Children + Chores

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on children and chores.
Jen is very excited about this topic, and was a little surprised that some of us saw it as more of a “necessary” topic than a “fun” one. And I think she made it her goal to get us all to see how much fun chores can be. Our Jen Dees loves a challenge!
Jen offers some great research to prove her point that chores are really wonderful things for kids to do. And as the episode progresses, you’ll see that some of the At Home ladies are total rock stars at this. While others of us are still… growing.
Wherever you find yourself on that spectrum, we’re hoping this episode will help you find inspiration and plenty to think about as we discuss everything from what chores our kids actually do, giving allowance, how to get kids started with chores, handling bad attitudes, and so much more.
And for this episode we’d love to start something new: sharing your fabulous chore ideas with our At Home audience. We want to see your kids in action, your chore charts, and the other fabulous things happening in your homes as you teach your children the value of chores. Simply tag your photos with #athomechores and lets be flooded with inspiration from one another!


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Food Culture Part 1

In this episode of At Home, Jennifer Naraki leads the discussion on food culture.
Naraki, as we all like to call her, is passionate about this topic and brings so much to the table for us to talk about.  The conversation is peppered with her notes and quotes from different books, foodies, and even some beloved authors who love a good meal. Naraki’s research alone would fill you up, but there is even more to enjoy in this episode.
We dive into all sorts of food related topics: sharing memories of our own childhood meal time rituals, and our own, current family food rituals, how we encourage our kids to try new foods, how “judgy” moms can get about food, and the value of teaching our kids to know where their food comes from, and how to make healthy food choices.  And if you stay tuned to the end, you’ll even hear a defense being made for junk food
There is so much good stuff here, guys. This episode is a feast!
So make yourself a good snack, and tune into this newest episode of At Home. You may come away hungry, but you won’t come away disappoint.


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Kids and Politics

In this episode of At Home, Rachel Reeves leads a discussion on politics and kids.
Most of us feel a little overwhelmed, uninformed, or even frustrated by this topic. But Rachel is our champion in this area, and she encourages us to engage and think about how to bring politics to life for our kids in a positive and active way.
In this episode, you’ll hear us share ideas for how to do this. We also discuss what political topics we share with our kids and when, and how to have civil, respectful political discussions with others.  In the end, we hope you come away encouraged  to focus on the blessings and freedoms alive and well in our country, and to share those with our kids.
We feel like we just scraped the surface on this topic, so you can expect another episode on kids and politics. Thanks for sharing your passion Rachel!

**(Just a little note to our listeners: you might find the audio on this episode to be a bit up and down, and therefore find it easier to listen on your earbuds or headphones. If you listen on a laptop or desktop, you may need to have to volume turned up more than usual. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We were having a few technical difficulties this time around. But we hope you stick it out, because this is a great episode and very much worth listening to! So let’s get started!)**


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Sibling Relationships

In this episode of At Home, Brianne Busky leads the discussion on sibling relationships. We start with stories of our own, sometimes rocky, relationships growing up with brothers and sisters, and how those experiences have shaped our desire to help our own children develop close relationships with one another.
We talk about all kinds of things related to our kids growing up together and remaining friends–sharing rooms, allowing kids alone time, and even our long term hopes for their friendships.
As usual, there is a lot of laughter in this episode. But there is also honest sharing about how exhausting it can sometimes be to really invest in helping our kids learn to talk to one another kindly, and navigate disagreements. And, in order to pursue our purpose of making At Home a place of encouragement for our listeners, we offer lots of practical ideas for those times when it is so exhausting. Be sure to check the show notes for the books, blog posts, and other info we mention.
And stay tuned to the very end, as there is another “quick question round”. You’ll get to know us a little better as you hear our not so quick answers to a variety of fun questions.
Thanks for listening!  We love you guys!

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Question & Answer

In this episode of At Home, Jennifer Dees leads a fun Q and A session with all the ladies.
We talk about everything from how to handle home schooling slumps, how we get errands
done during the day, and even what math curriculum we use.
You’ll get a better idea about who are the more structured ladies in the group, and who do a
little more “flying by the seat of their pants”. Any guesses as to who is who?
This was our 5 th recording of the night, and it was midnight when we recorded this particular
episode, so we might sound a little tired. Or silly. Or both.
But we really hope this episode helps you get to know us a little better. And that we can
offer you some encouragement and inspiration in your role as moms and home educators.

**We’d also like to say thank you for all the support you’ve shown us with this podcast. We’re
having so much fun! Its hard to believe this is our 10th episode. We’re so grateful for the way
you’ve all rallied around us and let us know you’ve enjoyed each one. You guys are the best!**

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Considering Comparison

In this episode of At Home, Kristin Rogers leads a very honest conversation on comparison. Its a topic all of us can relate to, and have struggled with at one time or another.
We agree that in these days of constant exposure to other people’s Instagram or Pinterest worthy lives, it is easy to compare ourselves to them and then to suffer the consequences of those comparisons: discontentment, jealousy, or even anger. But we also recognized that the struggle with comparison existed long before the internet, because it is a pride issue–which has existed since the beginning of time.
So how do we combat comparing ourselves with others and the ensuing negative emotions?
We all share practical advice that has worked for us over the years, some of it admittedly hard to act on.
And Kristin opens up with a personal story of her own growth in the area of comparison that will most likely leave you in tears. Like it did all of us. But there is also plenty of laughter and fun, as we playfully point fingers at one another’s perfections.
We hope this episode will leave you with the knowledge that you are not alone in this battle. And that we can do so much more good when we are on the same team. When we are for one another.


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