Favorite Things

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on favorite things. That’s right! We spent an entire episode talking about a whole bunch of our favorite things.
We start by talking about our favorite morning routine, and quickly dissolve into fits of laughter when Jen says she likes to wake up and scrub pots, and Brianne admits that she is stressed out by the term “favorite” because its too much of a commitment.
From there we go on to makeup and beauty products. We also touch on curriculum, cookbooks, and Brianne’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.
The episode even includes a quick question round at the end because there was so much we couldn’t get to in the regular episode. We put all the info about our favorite things in the show notes, so you can find the chocolate chip cookie recipe there. And everything else too.
And now, we’re curious. What are some of your favorite things? Will you share one with us? Favorite lipstick? Essential oil? Kids’ snack? Or something else entirely? Please tell us.

Show Notes

They’re Real mascara
Aztec Healing Indian clay
Apple Cider vinegar
Maybeline lip stick
Schmidts deodorant
Teaching Textbooks math curriculum

Jen Dees:
Alma liquid eyeliner
Ambleside online
A Kitchen In France cookbook

Fat and the Moon deoderent
Two Faced mascara
Nars concealer
Sephora Cleansing oil
Botanicals Organic Facial Oil
Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer
Essenial oils: Citrus Fresh, Balsam Fir, 
Thomas Keller Ad Hoc At Home cookbook
Barefoot Contessa cookbook
The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook
The Smitten Kitchen cookbook
Layered cookbook
Cooks Illustrated cooking website
Back In the Day Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe
Maldon Sea Salt for top of cookies
Settlers of Catan board game

Dr. Bronner’s castile soap
All About Spelling
Read Aloud Revival podcast
Smitten Kitchen cooking website
Greta’s Pinterest board of quotes
Dutch Blitz card game

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The Cleaning Episode

In this episode of At Home, Brianne Buskey leads the discussion on…..cleaning!        We start this episode laughing because Brianne was so excited to talk about cleaning. But as simplistic as this topic sounds, we actually cover a lot of ground with it: parenting, chores, control issues, heart issues, and teaching life long good habits to our kids.
We also share some of the truths about ourselves answering the questions: “are you clean or tidy?” And “are you a collector or a tosser?” Everyone shared their favorite cleaning products, and Brianne even shared a quote about cleaning! (Which made Greta very happy. Because she collects quotes)
Turns out this episode was a lot of fun to record. And we hope that you’ll take something away from it–either a simple cleaning tip, or a nugget of encouragement about keeping a clean house while in the midst of the messes of mothering. Or both!
As always, thanks so much for listening and being a part of At Home!

Show Notes

Jen Dees “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo

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Hobbies and Handicrafts

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on “Hobbies and Handicrafts”. This is such a fun topic to talk about together. Like always, we laugh a lot. There is some criticism of macaroni art, and we also admit to a little jealousy for all the free time our kids have to pursue hobbies and handicrafts. Admit it, don’t you sometimes wish you could spend your afternoon learning to bake bread or knitting a cute new scarf?
In this episode we cover everything from “what is a handicraft”, to our annual handicraft fair, and ideas for getting your own kids started with hobbies and handicrafts. Especially helpful is the list of reasons why handicrafts are good for our kiddos to engage in.
We hope you’ll be inspired to get your kids creating or to keep your kids creating. In fact, we’d love to see the hobbies and handicrafts your kids are doing in your home. Please tag your favorite projects  #athomehandcrafts and share them with us! (Jen would especially like to see your best glitter and macaroni art.)

Show Notes: 

Jen Dees:
7 Benefits of Hobbies and Handicrafts

Greta Eskridge:
Instagram shots of the So Cal Charlotte Mason Handcraft fair
More specific info about how the handcraft fair works


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Getting to Know Jen

In this episode of At Home, we’re “getting to know Jen!”
This is the second in our series of interviews with each of the At Home ladies. Jen Dees’interview is up today. And we can’t wait to let you get to know our beloved Jen better.
We went to Instagram to find out what you wanted to know about Jen. Once again you didn’t let us down. Thank you for being so involved in our podcast. We love you guys!
Jen’s interview covers everything from her love of theology, how she manages travel with 4 kids of different ages, teaching her kids how to do chores from a very young age, how she brings music into their home, and where she got the nickname “the Unicorn”.
As usual,Jen leaves us feeling inspired. She’s such a gem. We hope you loved getting to know her a bit more.
Now tell us, what was your favorite part of the interview?

Show Notes:
Holiness of God RC Sproul
Catherine Vo’s The Children’s Story Bible
Daily Paintings by Carol Marine
News in Slow French
Play and Learn French


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Sacrifices of Homeschooling

In this episode of At Home, we are talking about “Sacrifices to Homeschooling”. We know sacrifice is a loaded term, and not everyone views homeschooling as a sacrifice. There are some, in fact, that consider it a privilege. Kristin Rogers leads us so well in this sometimes tricky conversation, and we had a really great time diving into this topic.
We talked about the sacrifices each of us make to homeschool, whether or not we ever feel bitter, and how we feel about the way society at times downplays the importance of our role as stay at home moms and home schooling moms. There are some good nuggets here to be sure.
If you notice our sound quality isn’t the same as usual with this episode, we have to apologize for that. It’s actually a funny story. About half way through the episode we realized that our sound wasn’t fully connected. Brianne’s reaction into the mishap is classic! We decided that we didn’t want to trash the episode, so we just fixed it and went on. The sound is better in the second half, and we hope you’ll give us some grace in the first half.
Please know we truly appreciate all our listeners, home schooling and not. And we hope you mamas on both sides of this issue will get some good food for thought from this episode. As always, thanks for listening!


Show Notes
Kristin Rogers
Tom Woods podcast: Episode 806 “Homeschooling Shouldn’t Intimate You” with Laura Blodgett

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Getting to Know Greta

In this episode of At Home, we’re “getting to know Greta!”
We decided to do a series of interviews with each of the At Home ladies.
Our Greta volunteered to go first.
To find out what you wanted to know about Greta, we went to Instagram. And you didn’t let us down. You asked a ton of questions!
So this interview covers everything from why Greta chose the name “Ma and Pa Modern”, to her house hunt, her struggle with hormones, one of her most embarrassing moments, and if she ever gets mad.
There are some tears, of course, and lots of laugher.
We hope you enjoy this change of pace, and that you come away knowing our Greta a little better.
Now tell us, what was your favorite part of the interview?

Show Notes
Where to find Greta:
Blog maandpamodern.com
Writer for Wild Explorer magazine
Writer and Speaker for Wild and Free 

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Dressing Our Kids

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on “Dressing Our Kids”. Usually we get our topic list long before we record. But all Jen told us this time, was that it would be a “surprise topic”. We had no time to prepare, research, or even gather our thoughts.
We began recording , and that’s when Jen told us the what we’d be discussing. We weren’t sure about it at first.
Questions flew out at her, “wait. Is this what we’re really talking about?” “This is the whole episode?”
Soon, though, we warmed to the topic. And the conversation flew from there.
We talked about our own feelings about dressing up, and how our kids feel about it. Some of us confessed to not letting our kids pick out their own clothes. And the episode gets pretty spicy when we talk about letting our kids wear character t-shirts. Or not. Turns out, some of us struggle with control in this area. It’s pretty entertaining to listen to us hash that all out!
This was a really fun episode to record ,and we hope you enjoy listening to our first surprise episode.

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Seasons of Parenting

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on Seasons of Parenting.
We all share our favorite seasons and get nostalgic over the sweet newborn stage, and the fun preschool years.
Some of us have entered the stage of kids old enough to stay home alone and are really excited about that magical time!
But then we also remember the years of strapping all the kids in car seats just to run to the the grocery store, postpartum, and Greta makes a confession about one of her toughest parenting seasons.
Parenting is such a mix of highs and lows and everything in between, isn’t it?
We know you’ll find lots to identify with as you listen to our first episode of the new year, whatever season of parenting you’re in.
Thanks for being a part of At Home!

Show Notes:

Greta’s Read Aloud Revival episode on books and parenting: Inspiring Parents in Children’s Literature, episode 42, RAR

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New Year Resolutions

In this episode of at home, we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions.
Greta Eskridge leads the tumultuous conversation, and trust me, it’s all over the place.
It starts off slow, and Greta wonders what she’ll even do with this group of non celebrating, anti New Years resolution making people.
But then things take a turn and the episode ends up super spicy with boisterous disagreements and lots of laughter.
It’s loads of fun!
Plus there’s a Christmas quick question round at the end which is also super fun.
We know you’ll love this episode.
And now we want to know, are you team make resolutions, or team make none?
Our group had very strong opinions about both sides.
What do you think?

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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Favorite Christmas Books

In this episode of at home, we’re talking about books! Jennifer Naraki leads the conversation and invites us all to share our favorite Christmas books.
We each take a turn talking about one of our family’s favorite Christmas books, and some of us even read, or sing, a bit from the book too.
It’s a fun and sweet conversation.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and maybe you’ll even discover a new Christmas book to add to your family’s collection.
Now, will you share some of your favorite Christmas books with us?
We’d love to know what you’re reading around the Christmas tree in your homes.


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