Getting to Know Greta

In this episode of At Home, we’re “getting to know Greta!”
We decided to do a series of interviews with each of the At Home ladies.
Our Greta volunteered to go first.
To find out what you wanted to know about Greta, we went to Instagram. And you didn’t let us down. You asked a ton of questions!
So this interview covers everything from why Greta chose the name “Ma and Pa Modern”, to her house hunt, her struggle with hormones, one of her most embarrassing moments, and if she ever gets mad.
There are some tears, of course, and lots of laugher.
We hope you enjoy this change of pace, and that you come away knowing our Greta a little better.
Now tell us, what was your favorite part of the interview?

Show Notes
Where to find Greta:
Writer for Wild Explorer magazine
Writer and Speaker for Wild and Free 

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Dressing Our Kids

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on “Dressing Our Kids”. Usually we get our topic list long before we record. But all Jen told us this time, was that it would be a “surprise topic”. We had no time to prepare, research, or even gather our thoughts.
We began recording , and that’s when Jen told us the what we’d be discussing. We weren’t sure about it at first.
Questions flew out at her, “wait. Is this what we’re really talking about?” “This is the whole episode?”
Soon, though, we warmed to the topic. And the conversation flew from there.
We talked about our own feelings about dressing up, and how our kids feel about it. Some of us confessed to not letting our kids pick out their own clothes. And the episode gets pretty spicy when we talk about letting our kids wear character t-shirts. Or not. Turns out, some of us struggle with control in this area. It’s pretty entertaining to listen to us hash that all out!
This was a really fun episode to record ,and we hope you enjoy listening to our first surprise episode.

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Seasons of Parenting

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on Seasons of Parenting.
We all share our favorite seasons and get nostalgic over the sweet newborn stage, and the fun preschool years.
Some of us have entered the stage of kids old enough to stay home alone and are really excited about that magical time!
But then we also remember the years of strapping all the kids in car seats just to run to the the grocery store, postpartum, and Greta makes a confession about one of her toughest parenting seasons.
Parenting is such a mix of highs and lows and everything in between, isn’t it?
We know you’ll find lots to identify with as you listen to our first episode of the new year, whatever season of parenting you’re in.
Thanks for being a part of At Home!

Show Notes:

Greta’s Read Aloud Revival episode on books and parenting: Inspiring Parents in Children’s Literature, episode 42, RAR

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New Year Resolutions

In this episode of at home, we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions.
Greta Eskridge leads the tumultuous conversation, and trust me, it’s all over the place.
It starts off slow, and Greta wonders what she’ll even do with this group of non celebrating, anti New Years resolution making people.
But then things take a turn and the episode ends up super spicy with boisterous disagreements and lots of laughter.
It’s loads of fun!
Plus there’s a Christmas quick question round at the end which is also super fun.
We know you’ll love this episode.
And now we want to know, are you team make resolutions, or team make none?
Our group had very strong opinions about both sides.
What do you think?

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Favorite Christmas Books

In this episode of at home, we’re talking about books! Jennifer Naraki leads the conversation and invites us all to share our favorite Christmas books.
We each take a turn talking about one of our family’s favorite Christmas books, and some of us even read, or sing, a bit from the book too.
It’s a fun and sweet conversation.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did, and maybe you’ll even discover a new Christmas book to add to your family’s collection.
Now, will you share some of your favorite Christmas books with us?
We’d love to know what you’re reading around the Christmas tree in your homes.


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Parenting with Hope – An Interview about Special Needs

On today’s episode of At Home we’re talking with our good friend Christine Chicoine about parenting with hope. In our first ever interview, Christine talks candidly about her life as a mom to 5, one being a child with special needs. She shares the struggles, the joy, the blessings, and how God has shaped her through this process.
Christine also talks about homeschooling while walking through long hospital stays, and seasons of more days spent at home than days spent out with friends or on fun field trips. She shares what’s it’s like to have her child stared at for being different, and the. offers gentle advice for how both children and adults can act in those situations.
This episode is full of so much grace, strength, wisdom, and courage you are bound to be truly blessed by it. Whether you are walking your own journey of parenting a special needs child, or would like to learn more about that world, this episode will touch your heart in a special way.
Thank you Christine for sharing your beautiful heart with us and our listeners.

Show Notes

Christine Chicoine: 

BookWalking with God through Pain and Suffering

Bible Verse – 2nd Chronicles 20:12

Online SchoolLogos Online School

Kristin Rogers: 

Books –


Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide for Caregicing

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Holiday Traditions

On today’s episode of At Home, we’re talking about holiday traditions. Brianne Busky leads the discussion and we talk about everything from favorite childhood traditions, our present day family traditions, why holiday traditions are important, and where to start if you looking for new traditions to bring to your family.
It’s a really fun and encouraging episode.
Two things to take note of: first, there is some talk about Santa that might bring up questions for your littles that still put out cookies for Santa–fair warning. Second, the blooper reel at the end is worth listening to. You’ll get a real sense of what it’s like when we spend 6 minutes laughing uncontrollably over the silliest things. It happens often. And it’s lots of fun. And with that we’re wishing you all a wonderful start to the holiday season! Thank you for being part of our At Home family.


Show Notes
Slow and Sacred Advent by Jennifer Naraki

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Integrating Arts

In this episode of At Home, Rachel Reeves leads the discussion on integrating the arts into our school curriculum. This episode is a lot of fun! I think there might be more passion, disagreement, and strong opinions in this episode than in the episodes on feminism, politics, or Christian liberty. Apparently we have a lot to say about art.
Or maybe we were just feeling extra spicy the morning we recored this one.
Either way, you are sure to come away with lots to think about as we discuss such questions as, “is art a luxury or is it essential”, “can anything be art” and “is art as important as math”? We also talk about teaching art history to our kids,  our own childhood art experiences, and some of our favorite art supplies and activities.
We can’t wait to hear your response to this episode
Thanks for listening!

Show Notes:
Brianne Busky: 
Khan Academy Impressionism video
Greta Eskridge: A Child’s History of ArtAn Eye For Color: the Josef Albers Story, article in the Wild and Free Create Bundle,
Jennifer Naraki: Stockmar CrayonsLyra Pencils
Jennifer Dees: Art For Children book series

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Food Culture Part II

In this episode of At Home Jennifer Naraki leads the discussion on food culture. This is our second time discussing this topic, because Jenn really loves to talk about food. And this time we cover everything from teaching our kids to shop, to what it means to cook with love. She asks us to describe our morning breakfast rituals, our favorite meals, and how we include our kids in the food culture of our home.
This episode is sure to make you laugh, and sure to make you hungry. Enjoy!


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It can’t ALL be important….

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I was listening through many of our episodes and noticed how many times the word “important” was used when referring to different things. It’s “important” to expose your children to different food cultures, nature journals, keeping a garden, having children cook meals, art, nature groups, having dinner at the same time each evening… you get the picture?

I started to grow a concern that we could possibly, and unintentionally,  be discouraging other moms! Do you guys ever walk away feeling you don’t have the time, ability, resources or budget to make all these “important” things happen? Do you start to feel like you’re unable to offer things to your children that are being held high by these crazy podcast ladies? I’ll be honest, I have felt something similar to that, sitting right there at the table with my friends. So, I get it.

Here is the thing though. We are six ladies with six different perspectives. We have six different families. We have six different budgets, available time, upbringings and marriage dynamics. All these things, and others,  form the ebb and flow of our homes. All these things form what we sift through and bring to the top and title “important”. That will look different for every family. There are things I will probably never call important in my family, that is important to another. There are some things that won’t be important to my home life because it’s simply not possible. There are things that won’t ever be labeled important in my life, because I don’t want them to be or don’t see the value in them as another person does.  THAT’S OKAY!

Please keep two things in mind:

  1. We are offering our different perspectives and why we have placed value on certain things in our home and family. It’s not law. It’s not what we think everyone has to do. It’s not the standard.  It’s our personal values we have knit together in our own families for different reasons. Please don’t be discouraged by it. Take it or leave it. Be inspired or laugh at it. Start doing it or put it in the “nope, not for me” file of your mind. We might try to nudge you to see why we have placed value on it, but it’s not authority.
  2. On the other hand, if it’s the word of God. If it’s truth, council or ideas deduced from the bible…feel the weight of it. We hope that if God says it’s important, you will label it the same in your heart and home. We all need to feel the conviction or grace that comes from the biblical perspective. Starting with the six of us gathered around that table.

We don’t take this platform lightly and have felt the weight of it on many levels. We want to be faithful and encouraging. We need you guys to be great discerners. We need you guys to give us the benefit of the doubt or ask us if you have a concern.  We only have so much time to cover things in our 30+ minute episodes. To give all the clarities, contexts and qualifications is a luxury we don’t have and that can feel unsettling at times. Hence, why I’m writing this blog post.

Please, don’t add unnecessary weight to your already full load of parenting. Make sure you’re discerning between preferences of us moms and instruction from scripture.

We are FOR YOU! We pray for you guys! We want to bring good things to your day! Thanks for letting me get this off my heart. Hope it helps. It did for me.

Work in Progress,

Kristin Rogers


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