Overscheduled Life – Needing to practice what I preach.

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I wanted to sit down and quickly write this while I am in the thick of it. The thick of an over scheduled month. You know, the VERY THING we just released a podcast about NOT doing? This is something I am very purposeful of, so how I ended up here is slightly embarrassing and a bit frustrating. I know better. Why is it so important not to over schedule your life? Let me tell you some things I’m being sharply reminded of in this season:

  • It is much easier to view my children as interruptions of my To-Do list rather than view them as a gift and enjoyment.
  • My fuse is shorter. As I feel the weight of deadlines and time constraint for commitments constantly… my shoulders are tense and find myself quickly irritated.
  • I’m not as silly. Humor and laughter are medicine and I’m doing it less.
  • After my girls go to bed it is WORK WORK WORK instead of my slow-paced, date night feeling I like to have with my hubby.
  • I was tempted to say “no” to going and see a good friend get baptized or not make some phone calls to people I knew needed a friend. The very fact that I almost didn’t do those things so I can finish more work is devastating to my heart.
  • It made dealing with unexpected behavior issues or trial at any level feel enormous to take on.
  • We are eating out more, less homemade eating times together.
  • I have zero room for reading on the basis of enjoyment or learning about something that’s prodding my heart.
  • I’m weary.

There are seasons of life where this will fall upon you with no invitation or control. It can’t be avoided. Circumstances, emergencies or trial can make their way into your life in a heavy way and needs to be walked through with as much grace and patience as possible until it lifts.

There are times it can clearly be avoided. If we make a priority of keeping a peaceful pace in our life, saying no when needed, we will reap the fruit of that and avoid much of what I mentioned above. It is worth every effort to be purposeful about escaping the trap of an over scheduled life.  I miss that peace and pace. I’m not out of it yet, I will pay the cost for weeks to come. But, whoa, lesson learned AGAIN. I will tread more cautiously as I commit my time moving forward.

I’m thankful I was reminded of why I choose a peaceful schedule and all the fruit it bears in my life. I’ll seek it diligently…it’s worth is more valuable than gold in my heart and home.

Humbled….. Kristin

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