Mom Guilt

In this episode of At Home, Brianne Busy leads the discussion on Mom Guilt.
We’ve all seen those pictures of kids eating ice cream at the kitchen table, with the caption, “let my kids have ice cream for breakfast! #momguilt”
And we all laugh about it, and go on with our day.

But we’re wanting to dive in a little deeper to the whole #momguilt thing. So we spend some time deciding what  mom guilt even is, and whether or not we struggle with it in our own lives.  We also discuss the possible sources of mom guilt, when we need to ignore it, and when we need to take it seriously.

Despite the somewhat heavy topic, this episode is still a lot of fun. We hope you’ll come away with some things to mull over as you walk this road of mothering. And we won’t even pour on any mom guilt if you don’t listen until tomorrow. Or the next day. #podcastlistenerguilt

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