Marriage and Homeschooling

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on home schooling and marriage. ┬áNow we know this topic can be difficult at times. Because marriage involves two opinions, two ways of thinking about things and two ways of doing things. Adding your children’ education into that mix sometimes results in differences of opinion or downright disagreements.
Knowing this, we did our best to have this conversation with honesty and grace.

Each of us has a unique story, and we all shared bits of it, the good parts and some of the hard. Some things we discuss in this episode are: how involved or not involved our husbands are in our curriculum choices, what to do when your husband isn’t on board with home schooling, and how to handle it when your husband thinks your kids are behind their traditional school peers. There’s lots more. This episode is one of our longer ones, because there was so much to discuss.

We hope you’ll come away from today’s episode feeling encouraged and inspired to approach home schooling as team sport, not a battle of you against your man. Thanks always for listening!

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