Kids in Church Part 2

In this episode of At Home, Kristin Rogers leads part 2 of our discussion on “Kids In Church”. We were excited to hear from so many of you after our first episode on this topic. There was a lot of great discussion here on Instagram, with many great insights and opinions from differing points of view. We hope this episode gives you all as much food for thought as the last one did.
For part 2, we shared some specific ideas for how to train your child to sit quietly in church when they are little and squirmy, how to talk about learning with your child if they are in children’s church, how to prep your family for church on Sunday morning, babies and nursing in church, and quite a few other things as well.
Again, we are grateful to you for thoughtful discussion here. It’s so good to get feedback from you on our conversations. Thank you for being a part of At Home!

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