Kids and Politics

In this episode of At Home, Rachel Reeves leads a discussion on politics and kids.
Most of us feel a little overwhelmed, uninformed, or even frustrated by this topic. But Rachel is our champion in this area, and she encourages us to engage and think about how to bring politics to life for our kids in a positive and active way.
In this episode, you’ll hear us share ideas for how to do this. We also discuss what political topics we share with our kids and when, and how to have civil, respectful political discussions with others.  In the end, we hope you come away encouraged  to focus on the blessings and freedoms alive and well in our country, and to share those with our kids.
We feel like we just scraped the surface on this topic, so you can expect another episode on kids and politics. Thanks for sharing your passion Rachel!

**(Just a little note to our listeners: you might find the audio on this episode to be a bit up and down, and therefore find it easier to listen on your earbuds or headphones. If you listen on a laptop or desktop, you may need to have to volume turned up more than usual. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We were having a few technical difficulties this time around. But we hope you stick it out, because this is a great episode and very much worth listening to! So let’s get started!)**


Show Notes

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