Kids and Money

In this episode of At Home, Brianne Buskey leads the discussion on “Kids and Money”.  Brianne’s introduction to this topic was eye opening for all of us. She had some interesting, and even alarming, statistics and numbers for us to think about. As a result, each one of us was instantly even more invested in the conversation that we already were.

Brianne went on to ask each of us to share our own memories of dealing with money as children, teens and young adults. We also talked about why teaching kids about money is important, how we handle allowance in our families, and offered a few practical tips for money skills.

And at the end of the episode Brianne surprised us with some special guests! You’ll love hearing from them just as much as we did.

We came away from this episode feeling so inspired to help our kids develop good habits with money. We hope you will too.
And now we want to know, are you the kind of mom who often (or always) forgets to pay allowance? Be honest!

Show Notes:
Brianne Buskey
Book: Your Money Counts by Howard Dayton
Book: Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruz

Kristin Rogers
Article: Training Your Children to Manage Money

Budgeting tool and App –

Jen Dees
Audio: Church History–Mary Jones’ Bible

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