It can’t ALL be important….

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I was listening through many of our episodes and noticed how many times the word “important” was used when referring to different things. It’s “important” to expose your children to different food cultures, nature journals, keeping a garden, having children cook meals, art, nature groups, having dinner at the same time each evening… you get the picture?

I started to grow a concern that we could possibly, and unintentionally,  be discouraging other moms! Do you guys ever walk away feeling you don’t have the time, ability, resources or budget to make all these “important” things happen? Do you start to feel like you’re unable to offer things to your children that are being held high by these crazy podcast ladies? I’ll be honest, I have felt something similar to that, sitting right there at the table with my friends. So, I get it.

Here is the thing though. We are six ladies with six different perspectives. We have six different families. We have six different budgets, available time, upbringings and marriage dynamics. All these things, and others,  form the ebb and flow of our homes. All these things form what we sift through and bring to the top and title “important”. That will look different for every family. There are things I will probably never call important in my family, that is important to another. There are some things that won’t be important to my home life because it’s simply not possible. There are things that won’t ever be labeled important in my life, because I don’t want them to be or don’t see the value in them as another person does.  THAT’S OKAY!

Please keep two things in mind:

  1. We are offering our different perspectives and why we have placed value on certain things in our home and family. It’s not law. It’s not what we think everyone has to do. It’s not the standard.  It’s our personal values we have knit together in our own families for different reasons. Please don’t be discouraged by it. Take it or leave it. Be inspired or laugh at it. Start doing it or put it in the “nope, not for me” file of your mind. We might try to nudge you to see why we have placed value on it, but it’s not authority.
  2. On the other hand, if it’s the word of God. If it’s truth, council or ideas deduced from the bible…feel the weight of it. We hope that if God says it’s important, you will label it the same in your heart and home. We all need to feel the conviction or grace that comes from the biblical perspective. Starting with the six of us gathered around that table.

We don’t take this platform lightly and have felt the weight of it on many levels. We want to be faithful and encouraging. We need you guys to be great discerners. We need you guys to give us the benefit of the doubt or ask us if you have a concern.  We only have so much time to cover things in our 30+ minute episodes. To give all the clarities, contexts and qualifications is a luxury we don’t have and that can feel unsettling at times. Hence, why I’m writing this blog post.

Please, don’t add unnecessary weight to your already full load of parenting. Make sure you’re discerning between preferences of us moms and instruction from scripture.

We are FOR YOU! We pray for you guys! We want to bring good things to your day! Thanks for letting me get this off my heart. Hope it helps. It did for me.

Work in Progress,

Kristin Rogers


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