Introducing Us

In this first episode of At Home, we are giving you the opportunity to get to know us a little better.  Kristin Rogers encourages us to share everything from how we all met,  to slightly embarrassing, little known facts about ourselves.  You’re sure to laugh along with us as you get a glimpse of our long standing friendships and the love we have for one another, our families, and Christ.


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Show Notes

Kristin Rogers:
Wild & Free (magazine)

Jennifer Naraki:
Wild Explorers Club (Magazine)

Jen Dees:
White Horse Inn radio show

Rachel Reeves:
Rachel’s new E-course, DECLARATION? “Foundations of American Government!”

Greta Eskridge:

Wild Explorers Club (Magazine)
Read Aloud Revival

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  1. Loved listening! Thank you for keeping me company while I cleaned my heart out…did you hear me talking to you?… because I totally was chatting and laughing right alongside…answering the questions back. I think I was getting a little loopy from being up all night! 😀

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