Integrating Arts

In this episode of At Home, Rachel Reeves leads the discussion on integrating the arts into our school curriculum. This episode is a lot of fun! I think there might be more passion, disagreement, and strong opinions in this episode than in the episodes on feminism, politics, or Christian liberty. Apparently we have a lot to say about art.
Or maybe we were just feeling extra spicy the morning we recored this one.
Either way, you are sure to come away with lots to think about as we discuss such questions as, “is art a luxury or is it essential”, “can anything be art” and “is art as important as math”? We also talk about teaching art history to our kids,  our own childhood art experiences, and some of our favorite art supplies and activities.
We can’t wait to hear your response to this episode
Thanks for listening!

Show Notes:
Brianne Busky: 
Khan Academy Impressionism video
Greta Eskridge: A Child’s History of ArtAn Eye For Color: the Josef Albers Story, article in the Wild and Free Create Bundle,
Jennifer Naraki: Stockmar CrayonsLyra Pencils
Jennifer Dees: Art For Children book series

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