Homeschooling Difficulties

In this episode of At Home, Kristin Rogers leads the discussion on Home Schooling Difficulties. This is an episode that all us mamas can relate to in some way. Because the truth is, home schooling isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are hard days, and even hard seasons.
Kristin asked our listeners to share some of the struggles they face as home schoolers. Then she chose some of the most often shared struggles to discuss in the episode. You’re sure to appreciate the care and encouragement she offers as we talk about things like self doubt, dealing with a child who is easily frustrated, the differences between teaching boys and girls, and juggling teaching school, planning meals and running a home.
All of us share our own experiences and the ups and downs we have faced as home schooling mamas. It’s an episode full of practical advice, as well as heart filling encouragement to keep at the job of schooling your kids at home.
As home schoolers, we all face unique difficulties. But we hope you come away from this episode knowing you are not alone, and that all the hard work is worth it.

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