Holiday Traditions

On today’s episode of At Home, we’re talking about holiday traditions. Brianne Busky leads the discussion and we talk about everything from favorite childhood traditions, our present day family traditions, why holiday traditions are important, and where to start if you looking for new traditions to bring to your family.
It’s a really fun and encouraging episode.
Two things to take note of: first, there is some talk about Santa that might bring up questions for your littles that still put out cookies for Santa–fair warning. Second, the blooper reel at the end is worth listening to. You’ll get a real sense of what it’s like when we spend 6 minutes laughing uncontrollably over the silliest things. It happens often. And it’s lots of fun. And with that we’re wishing you all a wonderful start to the holiday season! Thank you for being part of our At Home family.


Show Notes
Slow and Sacred Advent by Jennifer Naraki

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