Hobbies and Handicrafts

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on “Hobbies and Handicrafts”. This is such a fun topic to talk about together. Like always, we laugh a lot. There is some criticism of macaroni art, and we also admit to a little jealousy for all the free time our kids have to pursue hobbies and handicrafts. Admit it, don’t you sometimes wish you could spend your afternoon learning to bake bread or knitting a cute new scarf?
In this episode we cover everything from “what is a handicraft”, to our annual handicraft fair, and ideas for getting your own kids started with hobbies and handicrafts. Especially helpful is the list of reasons why handicrafts are good for our kiddos to engage in.
We hope you’ll be inspired to get your kids creating or to keep your kids creating. In fact, we’d love to see the hobbies and handicrafts your kids are doing in your home. Please tag your favorite projects  #athomehandcrafts and share them with us! (Jen would especially like to see your best glitter and macaroni art.)

Show Notes: 

Jen Dees:
7 Benefits of Hobbies and Handicrafts

Greta Eskridge:
Instagram shots of the So Cal Charlotte Mason Handcraft fair
More specific info about how the handcraft fair works


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