Hands on Nature

In this episode of At Home, Brianne Buskey leads a spirited discussion on the value of getting kids out, and into, nature. We share lots of stories, some funny and others frustrating, of times our kids have been chastised for things like climbing trees, picking wild flowers, or collecting sticks.
We confess our struggle with the mindset that tells kids that they can look at nature but not touch.
We talk about how we manage teaching our kids respect for authority, but also allowing them to experience nature in the way we believe teaches them best. Because ultimately we all agree that getting our kids closely connected to nature is one of the best things we can give them. This episode will give you plenty to think about as well as practical advice for different ways to experience nature with your kids in a hands on way.

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  1. This was seriously my favorite podcast thus far! Just so informative and in depth about the topic of children in nature. Some really good, solid advice. Very interesting to listen to. Maybe because it’s something I’m passionate about myself and with my kids, but I think this podcast represents an important discussion we must have and that so many others can learn from. Good job ladies, can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

  2. I just listened to this episode this morning (I’ve been listening to your podcast while doing my morning exercise and it makes the time go so much faster and its so much more enjoyable). I loved everything you all had to say but would love your thoughts about the situation I find myself in. We live in the city, in a small apartment with a tiny backyard space. We are a one car family and I am rarely the one with the car so getting farther than a few miles from home is difficult. We are very fortunate as living in Portland Oregon we have parks just about every half mile, and there are so many fabulous nature experiences close by, but they are just difficult to access without a car. What kinds of things might you suggest for nature study and especially experiences when being a city dweller? Thank you.

    1. Thanks for listening! That sounds really tough! My family is a one car family too with a teeny backyard, but fortunately for me, I get the car most days, since my husband can bike to work. Is there a good bus system near you? If you can get out with your kids once a week to somewhere that feels more open and uncultivated, that would add up to a ton of nature study throughout the year. Or, if there is a pond in one of the parks near your house, that could provide a way to do a variety of studies (aquatic insects, birds, water quality, crayfish or turtles, etc). You can plant plants that attract native butterflies and birds, even in a small yard. That’s what we have done. And nature journal whatever you come across. Have fun! – Jen Dees

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