Getting to Know Kristin

In this episode of At Home, we get to know Kristin Rogers! This is the last in our interview series with each host of the show. These episodes have been so fun to record, even for us, who know each other already! Your questions have helped us to get to know each other even better. Thank you for being a part of our show!
The questions you asked for Kristin’s interview were great. And they made us love her even more.
Is that even possible!?
Turns out it really is.
Kristin shared with us about her great love of animals, and endured our teasing her a bit about how far she is willing to take that love. Dressing her frog in a tiny hat for pictures? She’s done it.
She also talked about changing her hair color from pink to purple to turquoise, the meaning behind some of her tattoos, and how she’s left the house many a time with a rip in her clothes that Brianne had to repair for her.
Her interview covered other, more serious, topics too. Like the process of adopting her younger daughter, and her struggle with post part depression after the birth of her oldest daughter.
Many of you wanted to know about her nature journaling, so we spend a lot of time on that subject too. We end by talking with Kristin about what it is like to be an Instagram celebrity. True to form, Kristin handles even that with thoughtfulness and humility. Like I said, this interview made us love her even more.
And we know you will too!
Now that we are done with this series, we’d love to know if there are any other series you’d be interested in us doing? Another round of interviews with each host? Maybe focused on how we home school, or something else entirely? Let us know! We love hearing from you.

Show Notes:
To see more about Kristin’s nature journaling, check out her Intagram hashtag: #ibenaturejournaling

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