Getting to Know Jen

In this episode of At Home, we’re “getting to know Jen!”
This is the second in our series of interviews with each of the At Home ladies. Jen Dees’interview is up today. And we can’t wait to let you get to know our beloved Jen better.
We went to Instagram to find out what you wanted to know about Jen. Once again you didn’t let us down. Thank you for being so involved in our podcast. We love you guys!
Jen’s interview covers everything from her love of theology, how she manages travel with 4 kids of different ages, teaching her kids how to do chores from a very young age, how she brings music into their home, and where she got the nickname “the Unicorn”.
As usual,Jen leaves us feeling inspired. She’s such a gem. We hope you loved getting to know her a bit more.
Now tell us, what was your favorite part of the interview?

Show Notes:
Holiness of God RC Sproul
Catherine Vo’s The Children’s Story Bible
Daily Paintings by Carol Marine
News in Slow French
Play and Learn French


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