Getting to Know Greta

In this episode of At Home, we’re “getting to know Greta!”
We decided to do a series of interviews with each of the At Home ladies.
Our Greta volunteered to go first.
To find out what you wanted to know about Greta, we went to Instagram. And you didn’t let us down. You asked a ton of questions!
So this interview covers everything from why Greta chose the name “Ma and Pa Modern”, to her house hunt, her struggle with hormones, one of her most embarrassing moments, and if she ever gets mad.
There are some tears, of course, and lots of laugher.
We hope you enjoy this change of pace, and that you come away knowing our Greta a little better.
Now tell us, what was your favorite part of the interview?

Show Notes
Where to find Greta:
Writer for Wild Explorer magazine
Writer and Speaker for Wild and Free 

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