Getting to Know Brianne

In this episode of At Home, we are getting to know Brianne!
This episode was so much fun to record, because Brianne was so uncomfortable. We laughed at her and with her, as she talked about what its like to be the only introvert in a sea of extroverts, and how she takes pride in being our grounder.
Brianne also shared some fun bits about her life–her love of travel, the story of meeting her husband for the first time (its a good one) and how growing up with a sister who she didn’t always get along with has had an impact on how she raises her two girls, paying close attention to nurturing their relationship.
We may call Brianne prickly, but the truth is there is so much to love about her. She has a fantastic, sarcastic sense of humor, an ability to get things done, and done well, because she is detail oriented, and she’s so good at taking care of others.
We love you Brianne and are so glad to get to call you our friend. Even if it has taken some of us 8 years to reach that point in our relationship. You’re the best!

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