Food Culture Part 1

In this episode of At Home, Jennifer Naraki leads the discussion on food culture.
Naraki, as we all like to call her, is passionate about this topic and brings so much to the table for us to talk about.  The conversation is peppered with her notes and quotes from different books, foodies, and even some beloved authors who love a good meal. Naraki’s research alone would fill you up, but there is even more to enjoy in this episode.
We dive into all sorts of food related topics: sharing memories of our own childhood meal time rituals, and our own, current family food rituals, how we encourage our kids to try new foods, how “judgy” moms can get about food, and the value of teaching our kids to know where their food comes from, and how to make healthy food choices.  And if you stay tuned to the end, you’ll even hear a defense being made for junk food
There is so much good stuff here, guys. This episode is a feast!
So make yourself a good snack, and tune into this newest episode of At Home. You may come away hungry, but you won’t come away disappoint.


Show Notes:

Jennifer Naraki:
Bread and Wine
The Family Dinner
Mad Hungry

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