Dressing Our Kids

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on “Dressing Our Kids”. Usually we get our topic list long before we record. But all Jen told us this time, was that it would be a “surprise topic”. We had no time to prepare, research, or even gather our thoughts.
We began recording , and that’s when Jen told us the what we’d be discussing. We weren’t sure about it at first.
Questions flew out at her, “wait. Is this what we’re really talking about?” “This is the whole episode?”
Soon, though, we warmed to the topic. And the conversation flew from there.
We talked about our own feelings about dressing up, and how our kids feel about it. Some of us confessed to not letting our kids pick out their own clothes. And the episode gets pretty spicy when we talk about letting our kids wear character t-shirts. Or not. Turns out, some of us struggle with control in this area. It’s pretty entertaining to listen to us hash that all out!
This was a really fun episode to record ,and we hope you enjoy listening to our first surprise episode.

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