Creating Book Clubs

In this episode of At Home, resident book lover Greta Eskridge talks about the magic of book clubs and how to create them. After a failed attempt to create a book club in her own childhood, Greta rejoices in the fact that her children take part in a beautiful book club now.
This episode is loaded with laughter, and you can’t help but feel the joy that book clubs bring to all us ladies. Its also chock full of all the details about the way we run book clubs in our home school groups, where we get our book recommendations, and even why it matters so much to have our kids read books together and then celebrate those books.
Besides book clubs for kids, we also spend some time discussing the wonder of book clubs for mamas. We specifically talk about the book club created by Jennifer Naraki, and all the richness it has brought into our lives.
We know this episode will leave you all kinds of excited to create a book club of your own, with your friends, your kids and their friends, or both! Because talking about books brings so much joy!


Show Notes:

Greta Eskridge:
“The pleasure of all reading is doubled when one is with another who shares the same books.” Katherine Mansfield

Book recommendations:

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  1. I really wanted to love this one, but I have to admit it felt like there was so much laughing and side talking going on that I had a hard time getting into it. I’m glad you have so much fun together! I don’t want to be a downer. But with so many people contributing I wish I heard more amazing ideas and not so much of what should have been behind the scenes.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, we knew this one was a bit over the top with laughter and its something we want to look out for in the future. Thanks for being sweet about it 🙂 Hopefully you were able to hear the good stuff and did you see that Greta wrote a blog post about the nuts and bolts of running the book club to go along with the podcast? Hope thats helpful too. Thanks! – Kristin

  2. I listened to this one awhile back and came in search of what I thought was fantastic inspiration for creating a book club. You all are so gracious and sweet! I LOVE listening, even when I can’t tell who’s who. Our little 5 family co-op is going to try this out in the fall, and the mamas are EXCITED! Love times six to you ladies!

  3. What age do you ladies think is best to start a book club for kids? I have a book obsessed four year old but is that jumping the gun? Obviously we’d be reading aloud to him. Would love to know your thoughts as I am dying to start a book club!

    1. I think if you had a small group of preschool age kids you could do a very short and simple book club celebration.
      You could have the some very simple fact based questions the mamas could go over with the kiddos before hand, so that stye are ready to answer when you have the discussion time. You could start with a snack and discussion,because food will give them something to do with their hands and bodies while they all sit and talk. I’d discuss no longer than 10 minutes.
      Then you could do a fun, easy activity, craft, or game connected to the book, and then just let them play. Mostly you want to make the reading of a book feel like a celebration. So that is why you need to keep things short and sweet. You’ll be building such a love of books in them!! Have fun!

  4. I just read Greta’s post and I see you have kids that young involved! 😀 I think she is a kindred spirit because I cry of happiness a lot too 🙂 Love your podcast, ladies!!!

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