Marriage and Homeschooling

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on home schooling and marriage.  Now we know this topic can be difficult at times. Because marriage involves two opinions, two ways of thinking about things and two ways of doing things. Adding your children’ education into that mix sometimes results in differences of opinion or downright disagreements.
Knowing this, we did our best to have this conversation with honesty and grace.

Each of us has a unique story, and we all shared bits of it, the good parts and some of the hard. Some things we discuss in this episode are: how involved or not involved our husbands are in our curriculum choices, what to do when your husband isn’t on board with home schooling, and how to handle it when your husband thinks your kids are behind their traditional school peers. There’s lots more. This episode is one of our longer ones, because there was so much to discuss.

We hope you’ll come away from today’s episode feeling encouraged and inspired to approach home schooling as team sport, not a battle of you against your man. Thanks always for listening!

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Connecting with our Children

In this episode of At Home, Brianne Busky is leading the discussion on “Connecting With Our Children”. We’re specifically talking about those times when there is a struggle to connect with a child. It might be because they’re going through a difficult stage or there are just big personality differences, but for whatever reason, the connection is tough to find.
First we encourage all of you not to feel guiltily over this. It happens to all of us at one time or another in our parenting journey. Next we discuss why these times of difficulty connecting can occur. And lastly, we offer all sorts of ways we’ve found to connect with our own kids during these seasons.
Mamas, we know mothering is hard work and there are so many difficulties that you never expected to face. This might be one of them.
We pray our words will be an encouragement to you either now or in the years to come.
Thank you for listening and being a part of At Home!

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Calling of Motherhood

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on “The Calling of Motherhood”. We know we have listeners that are full or part time working moms, as well as full or part time stay at home moms. This episode is primarily focused on the latter, and the struggles and challenges that sometimes come along with being a stay at home mom.

We start by discussing our own journey to becoming stay at home moms.  Then we talk for a bit about whether or not we ever long for something beyond, or in addition to, this life of full time motherhood. We also cover such issues as contentment, guilt, feeling less than, and embracing our calling as we walk through the different seasons of motherhood. We each offer our own words of encouragement to moms who might be struggling in those areas.

Greta even ends the the episode with a few of her favorite books featuring strong mothers. Cause you know she can’t make it though an episode without book recommendations!
We hope you will find this episode insightful and encouraging, wherever you are at in your mothering journey.

Show Notes

Article: “Motherhood Is a Calling” by Rachel Jankovic
On the Banks of Plum Creek” Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott
Man of the Family” by Ralph Moody
The Railway Children” by E Nesbit
Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradberry:

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What’s on Jen’s Mind

Next up in our series “What’s on your mind?”, we hear from Jen Dees! With the rest of us asking questions, Jen talks about everything from her current favorite hobbies, to raising kids with a big age range, and why women need to discuss theology more often.
We know you’ll love this opportunity to get to know Jen Dees a little better. She’s one of our favorite people!

Show Notes:
Article: “Why Are We So Offended All the Time?” by Kevin Deyoung

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The Role of Good Works

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on the role of Good Works in our faith. We talk about grace and striving, our motivation for good works, and the value of serving others. We also throw down a whole bunch of scriptures!

Basically, in this episode we’re wrestling with the way God calls us to love one another and serve one another, and yet tells us clearly that we can not do one thing to earn our salvation. Not one of us is an expert on this subject, or on the Bible as a whole. But we hope that by having these kinds of conversations we’re learning from each other, and giving you all something to think about.

Quick note: we’re still struggling with our sound right now, and Greta’s mic is a little low in some parts of this episode. Please bear with us and be sure to adjust your volume when she talks. Thanks for understanding guys!

Show Notes:

Union With Christ” by Rankin Wilbourne

Justification by Faith Alone: MartinLuther and Romans 1:17” by RC Sproul

For the kids

Kid resources:
Trial and Triumph” By Richard Hannula
Leading Little Ones to God” by Marian Schoolland
The Tinker of Bedford” by William S. Deal
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“Don’t Judge” Episode

In this episode of At Home, @kristinrogers leads the discussion on that expression we’ve all heard or said before, “Don’t Judge”.
It’s an idea that’s everywhere right now. It’s often said in jest. And other times it’s said in all seriousness. But what are the implications of everyone not judging each other?
It’s a tough conversation, but one we felt was important to have. So Kristin asks what the Bible has to say about judging, and encourages us to consider if there’s ever a correct time for judging others, and if so, how do we do it correctly.
We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we hope our honest conversation will give you food for thought.
And if you notice Greta’s sound is a little low in some parts of this episode, just turn it up and don’t judge. K?

Here are the show notes

Show Notes:

Article: “Judge Not-What the Bible Really Says About Love.” by Jon Bloom

Book: “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace

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What’s on Greta’s Mind

Before you listen to today’s episode, we want to make sure you know that it comes with a GROWNUPS ONLY label. We are putting a disclaimer on this episode, because we want to make sure you listen to this one on your own, and not with your kiddos.

Today we’re starting a series called “What’s on your mind?” In this series, each one of the At Home hosts will take turns sharing an issue or topic that is on her mind, on her heart, or that she feels is important to discuss. 

Greta is going first, and the issue that she wants to talk about is protecting our kids from pornography.

This isn’t an easy topic to discuss. But this discussion is necessary, in fact imperative, for us to have for the sake of our children’s safety. We need to acknowledge that we are in a battle for our children’s minds, their hearts, and their emotional and sexual health. This is a battle for their future relationships, their marriages, and their faith. We must be willing to be uncomfortable in order to be better equipped for the fight at hand—the fight against pornography.

In this episode, Greta shares plenty of research and information about the damaging and dangerous effects of pornography. But she also offers ways to prepare ourselves and our children to stand firm in the battle and fight back. She gives us things to do, so we aren’t left feeling hopeless.

Ultimately it is our hope that this episode leaves you feeling informed, equipped, and empowered to protect your children from this harmful plague called pornography. We’re grateful you’re here, and willing to be part of these conversations about topics that truly matter. Thank you for being a part of At Home.

Show Notes:
Blog post
Protecting our Children From Pornography” by Greta Eskridge
The Porn Myth by Matt Fraud
How to Talk to your Kids About Pornography by Educate and Empower Kids
Good Pictures/Bad Pictures by Kristen A Jensen and Gail Poyner
The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch
Please don’t give them porn for Christmas” by Tim Challies
The Horror Stories are Real. Don’t Give you Children a Smart Phone.” by Johnathon Van Maren
Want to Stop Sex Trafficking? Look to America’s Porn Addiction” by John-Henry Westen
Generation XXX: 11 and 12 year Olds are Struggling With Porn More Than Ever Before” by Fight the New Drug
Josh McDowell 

Sean McDowell
Fight the New Drug

The Heart of Man

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Teaching Children the Bible

Hi friends!
Remember us?
The 4 girls who had a podcast called At Home?
Well, we know its been a while, but we’re excited to tell you, we’re back!
We thought we’d dive in with something important, so on this episode of At Home, Jen Dees is leading the discussion on “Teaching the Bible to Our Children.”

We cover all kinds of territory in this episode, so that you are sure to find some nuggets so encourage you, whether you are a mom of young kids who wants to get started with Bible time and devotions, or a more seasoned mom with older kids who wants to give her kids the opportunity to embrace their faith for themselves.

We offer a good stack of resources at the end of the episode. We’re sure your Amazon cart will be full.

Again, we’re so glad to be back with you for this new year! Thank you for welcoming us back with open arms!

Show Notes:
The Children’s Story Bible 
Big Truths For Little Kids
Old Story New
Training Hearts Teaching Minds
Trial and Triumph
The Jesus Story Book Bible
The Ology
Star of Light and others by Patricia St. John
A Call to Spiritual Reformation ( Book on prayer by DA Carson)
Long Story Short ( 10 minute kid bible studies)
Hymns for Kids

New City Catechism app
The Bible Project

The Scandal of Bible Illiteracy by Al Mohler
The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches by Ed Stetzer (Christianity Today)

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Favorite Children’s Books

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on one of her favorite things, children’s books!
Greta was so excited about this episode.
But she showed some self control by not diving straight into a long list of everyone’s favorite books.
Instead, she starts with some discussions on how reading books together fosters relationships, and asks for some tips for creating a reading culture in your home.
We even spent some time discussing what to do with a reluctant reader, because we know that not everyone has a house full of excited readers.
And after all that, we get into the long list of favorite children’s books, from baby books, to books your teen will love, favorite series, and the best audio books.
The show notes are loaded with great stuff! We hope you’ll enjoy it all.
And do share one of your favorite children’s books with us.
Thank you fellow book lovers!

Show Notes

Picture books for the littlest ones:
Peek a Who by Nina Laden
I am a Bunny Richard Scarey
All the books by Beatrix Potter
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton
All the books by Robert McCloskey
Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall
Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña
All the travel books by Miroslav Sasek
Ferdinand by Munro Leaf
A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston
I Can Fly by Mary Blair
Books by the Provensens—A Year at Maple Hill Farm and The Animal Fair
Wing on a Flea by Ed Emmberly

Beginning Chapter books:
Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel
Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish
Small Pig by Arnold Lobel
Mr. Poppers Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater
A Cricket in Times Square by George Seldon
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle by Betty MacDonald

Favorite Series:
The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
The Ramona Quimby series by Beatrix Potter
The Henry Higgins series by Bestrix Potter
All of a Kind Family by Sydney Taylor
The Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
Harry Potter by JK Rowling
Little Britches series by Ralph Moody
Green Ember series by S. D. Smith
The Wing Feather Saga byAndrew Peterson
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
The Princess and the Goblin and the Princess and Curdie by George MacDonald

Some Favorite Biographies:
Abigail Adams by Natalie Bober
John Bunyan: The Tinker of Bedford by William Deal
Biographies by the D’Aulaires
Carver: A Life in Poems by Marilyn Nelson

Favorites for older readers:
Wonder by R. J. Palacio
The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Robinson Caruso by Daniel Defoe

Resources for finding books:
Honey for a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt
Ambleside online
The Read Aloud Revival podcast

Greta’s Blog Post with lists of Favorite Audio books and readers

Greta’s Blog Post: Creating a Book Club For Kids


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The Holiday Episode

In this episode of At Home, Kristin Rogers is leading the discussion on all things holiday! Its that time of year and we are excited to share with you lots of our holiday traditions, and some of our thoughts on the things that ocasionally get “sticky” during the holiday season.

We start out discussing school during the holiday season and how much, or how little, we get done. Then we move into holiday traditions, how we handle gift giving and the potential stress that can come from trying to see everyone on the big holidays. We talk about Santa and Halloween. And all the ways we can direct our thoughts toward God during the holidays.

One thing to note in this episode, the sound on Jen Dees’ mic is low for some reason. So please forgive us for this and turn up the volume for Jen! We hope this isn’t too much hassle for you.

And now that we’ve share some of our favorite holiday traditions, tell us about yours! What are your traditions? What books do you read and what foods do you make? Please share! We love hearing from you all. And cheers to the holiday season!!

Show Notes:

Recipe: Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls 
Book: One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham
Article: Should Your Family Invite Santa to Christmas
Resource: Slow and Sacred Advent by Jen Naraki

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