Calling of Motherhood

In this episode of At Home, Greta Eskridge leads the discussion on “The Calling of Motherhood”. We know we have listeners that are full or part time working moms, as well as full or part time stay at home moms. This episode is primarily focused on the latter, and the struggles and challenges that sometimes come along with being a stay at home mom.

We start by discussing our own journey to becoming stay at home moms.  Then we talk for a bit about whether or not we ever long for something beyond, or in addition to, this life of full time motherhood. We also cover such issues as contentment, guilt, feeling less than, and embracing our calling as we walk through the different seasons of motherhood. We each offer our own words of encouragement to moms who might be struggling in those areas.

Greta even ends the the episode with a few of her favorite books featuring strong mothers. Cause you know she can’t make it though an episode without book recommendations!
We hope you will find this episode insightful and encouraging, wherever you are at in your mothering journey.

Show Notes

Article: “Motherhood Is a Calling” by Rachel Jankovic
On the Banks of Plum Creek” Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott
Man of the Family” by Ralph Moody
The Railway Children” by E Nesbit
Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradberry:

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