Building Our Husbands Up

In this episode of At Home, Kristin Rogers leads the discussion of Building Our Husbands Up. Our last episode on marriage is one of our most downloaded episodes, so we are excited to share another one with you.
We cover a lot of ground in this episode; from sharing practical, every day, ways we can build our husbands up, to discussing how the modern day feminism movement has affected our view of wives taking care of our men.
This episode is not meant to feel like one more weight to add to your role as a wife and mama. Instead, we hope very much to encourage you to think of your role as a wife as one that is important, beautiful, and valuable.
Marriage is such a wonderful journey. But like any journey, there are hills to climb, valleys to walk through, and mountaintops to stand atop and rejoice over. It’s our hope that this episode will give you encouragement wherever you are on your journey. Because marriage matters! And it is our hope to not just build up our husbands, but to build up marriage in general.
Thank you so much for listening and being a part of our At Home community. We appreciate you all so much!


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