The Best Credit Cards Are Watching Out for You

The Best Credit Cards Are Watching Out for You

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were the victim of a credit card scam? It’s not surprising. With all the new scams out there day after day, and the media coverage of them, there is always a new credit card scam being talked about. You may go through in your mind what you would do if you were the victim of a scam. You also may wonder how hard your credit card company would be to work with if you were a victim.

The best credit cards will be by your side if you were to become a victim. This just happened with American Express.

Cardholders with American Express recently got warnings from the company that there was a scammer going around and trying to get money off of American Express customers.

It seems the victims had all been getting charges from a company, which was called 24 Hour Corp., over several months. These charges were popping up on their bills. None of the customers had contracted with that company for anything.

When the Better Business Bureau was called to look into it, they found the company was a fake. They say the company’s website wasn’t working, their business address was a home that had been sold and the company phone number was a cell phone that no one would answer.

For consumers this was a very frustrating and trying time, to know someone who they didn’t know and didn’t agree to give their money to had taken their money. What if it were you, what would you do?

In their case, since they had some of the best credit cards around, their company stepped in to help. American Express says the credit card company is working to give all those customers their money back for the charges they didn’t make, which were anywhere from $20 – $50 per charge, and many cards had several of them.

American Express is also trying to stop any other cardholders from becoming victims. In addition to conducting their own investigation into the situation, they are also contacting all of their credit card holders and asking them to pay more attention to their monthly bill. If they see any such charges they are being advised to call immediately to have the card locked down and keep any more from going through.

This shows the importance of choosing your credit cards wisely. The best credit cards have built-in security measures as well as a company that will back them up and get your money back if you are ever the victim of a scam.