At Home Favorite: Hands on Nature

This week on At Home we are replaying one of our favorite episodes, Hands on Nature.
When we first aired this episode, it was a big hit. So we hope you’ll find inspiration here again, as you head out into nature with your kiddos for nature study, or to simply enjoy the abundant beauty to be found there.

In this episodeĀ @brebuskey leads a spirited discussion on the value of getting kids out, and into, nature. We share lots of stories, some funny and others frustrating, of times our kids have been chastised for things like climbing trees, picking wild flowers, or collecting sticks.
We confess our struggle with the mindset that tells kids that they can look at nature but not touch.
We talk about how we manage teaching our kids respect for authority, but also allowing them to experience nature in the way we believe teaches them best. Because ultimately we all agree that getting our kids closely connected to nature is one of the best things we can give them. This episode will give you plenty to think about, as well as practical advice for different ways to experience nature with your kids in a hands on way.

Now that you know some of our favorite ways to enjoy nature with our kiddos, we were wondering, how do you spend time in nature with your kiddos? Do you camp, hike, visit your local nature center, read books about nature, or something else entirely? We’d love to hear what your favorite hands on nature activities are!

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