Amusing Ourselves to Death Part 1

In this episode of At Home, Kristin Rogers leads our first ever book club discussion! This episode is different than any others we’ve done. We have a very free flowing, free form, talk about the book “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman.

This book, published in 1985, is all about the corrosive effects of television on modern society. We all found the topic immensely interesting, especially now, when television is only one part of the mass amounts of media and technology we consume daily.

As we excitedly discussed the ideas in this book we talked about how it applies to us today. And ultimately we all came away feeling challenged to really examine the television, the social media, and all the rest, that we’re allowing into our lives, and the effect it has on us.

In fact, we had so much to say on the book itself and the ideas it puts forth, that this is part one of our book discussion. We’ll have more to say next week!



Show Notes –

Kristin Rogers

Book – 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You – HERE

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