About Us

How it all began…..
One night while perusing my friend Kristin’s Instagram, I saw her post about some of her favorites podcasts. I hadn’t ever listened to a podcast, but I knew what they were, and they sure seemed like fun.
In jest, I commented on Kristin’s post, “we should do a podcast,” I said, listing some friends I’d like to sit around and talk and laugh with.
Within minutes, Kristin texted me, “Greta, are you serious?” she asked. “Because I think we should.”
And just like that, At Home was born.

Well, actually there has been a lot of hard work to get from that point to making this podcast a reality.
There was the initial meeting where we brainstormed possible topics and wondered if this was something we truly wanted to do.
Some of us were very optimistic, and some of us were very realistic.
Not surprisingly, the realistic ones have been the ones working their butts off to make the podcast happen.
Apparently there is something to that whole “being a realist” thing.

There were hundreds of group texts as we tried to decide on a name.
And then hundreds more when we tried to decide on a logo.
Those of us who are night owls continued texting late into the night, torturing those of us who woke up early to 121 new messages on their phone.
When it finally came time to record, we met in Rachel’s garage, as her husband kindly lent his podcast equipment to us.
We had the best time on that recording, and thought we sounded awesome!
We continued, and recorded a few more episodes.
Then our editors, Kristin and Brianne, let us know there were some…problems.
Hitting the table, laughing too loud, not talking loud enough, clearing our throats before each sentence, sounding like we were falling asleep, squeaky chairs, and an echoey sound from recording in the big garage.
So Rachel offered up a room in her house to become our recording studio.
Kristin and Brianne worked tirelessly learning how to edit better and faster.
And we had to re-record our first 4 episodes.
Its been a long road.

But every time we are together recording an episode, we are so jazzed about this project.
You see, we are all friends in real life.
We love each other, tease each other, and know each others’ stories and struggles.
We text each other and say,”will you pray for me?”
We encourage each other and share in one another’s triumphs.
And we love hanging out and talking with one another about all these things we are passionate about.

There is a lot of laughter each time we record an episode.
There is also a lot of learning from one another.
Because we are a group of women with different backgrounds, strengths, passions, and opinions.
Sometimes we disagree, but we also help each other see things in a new light.
It is our hope that our conversation will be an echo of this verse from Hebrews 10:24
“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.”
We’d like to be that for each other, and for you too.