A Charlotte Mason Education

In this episode of At Home, Jen Dees leads the discussion on “What is a Charlotte Mason Education”? The four of us all practice the Charlotte Mason philosophy in our home schools, so we begin by talking about what attracted us to Charlotte Mason in the first place. The answers range from short lessons and no tests, to offering a beautiful education, helping children love to learn, and schooling that is seeped in good books. And that is only a part of it! We are all pretty smitten with our girl Charlotte.

The rest of our conversation covers such topics as: living books, whether CM is relaxed or rigorous, and a big confession by all four of us. Give a listen to this episode and find out what it is.  Perhaps you’ll relate. Or you’ll just shake your head over us At Home ladies. Either way, it’s our hope to shed light on a method of education we all believe is pretty wonderful. Cheers to Charlotte Mason!

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